About Us

TL/DR: It’s pretty simple… We post animal.. articles. 😊

Animarticle is the outcome of the collective passion of a tight-knit team of three who share a profound respect for the natural world.

Our journey started when Sarah Thach, a fervent animal lover and science enthusiast, decided to turn her passion into a platform. She united with two like-minded souls, Tom and Lisa, and thus Animarticle was born.

Tom is our in-house birdwatcher and ornithology expert with an exceptional talent for writing compelling articles, making the avian world come alive for our readers. Lisa, a marine biologist, brings the mysteries of the aquatic realm to our screens, translating complex marine life behaviors into accessible and engaging content.

Huzaima is a man who wears many hats at Animarticle, primarily serving as our meticulous editor and visual curator. His sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of our audience helps him refine our articles to perfection. Huzaima’s ability to identify visually stunning images that resonate with our content is truly an art form. His knack for coupling captivating narratives with complementary, beautiful imagery breathes life into our articles, enhancing the reader’s journey through the animal kingdom. His contributions are invaluable in bringing our mission to life, making science accessible, stimulating, and visually appealing for all.

Together, we at Animarticle strive to share the wonders of the animal kingdom, ignite curiosity, and instill a deep-seated appreciation for the planet’s diverse species and ecosystems. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery, celebrating the beauty and diversity of life.

Sarah Thach

Content Lead & Developer

Sarah Thach is a passionate animal lover and science enthusiast whose deep-rooted connections with the natural world have led her to a fulfilling career. From an early age, Sarah’s curiosity about the animal kingdom and natural phenomena was evident. Years later, this fascination led her to pursue studies in Biological Sciences, where she deeply indulged her love for scientific exploration.

Through this platform, she aims to educate and inspire people about the complex and fascinating world of animals and the sciences, from biogeography to conservation biology. Sarah continues to work tirelessly to expand Animarticle, with a mission to ignite curiosity and foster an appreciation for the planet’s diverse species and ecosystems in others.